All about warts and how to get rid of them

What Causes Warts?

Two Main Causes of Warts

How do you get warts? The mode of getting these warts is a most commonly asked question. Generally speaking, warts are due to infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The HPV virus highly varies, having around 130 different types of viruses. Infecting usually the skin or genitals, each HPV type can only infect its own specific areas. It is very important to remember that only some of the Human Pappilloma Viruses can develop a wart, also termed papilloma. The common warts are caused by the HPV virus types 2 and 4. Plantar warts are commonly caused by the type 1, Anogenital warts by type 6 and 11, Flat warts by types 3, 10 and 28 and Butcher’s warts by type 7.

After mentioning the types of the Human Papilloma virus that cause warts, it is also important to note that warts can be caught from others. Warts are contagious and can enter the human body in a region where there is a wound. Warts usually don’t last long, disappearing after just a few months. Nevertheless, other cases can last for years and can even recur.

Now that you have read about the topic and learned a little about warts, hopefully you won’t be asking anyone “how do you get warts” anymore. Be cautious, be careful but at the same time keep living your life in a healthy way in which you enjoy, and most importantly – Keep reading!

So, What Are Warts?

First of all, let’s give you an idea on what we’re dealing with. Warts are usually, small, rough growths, generally on a person’s foot or hands but can also appear in different regions and can often resemble a solid blister or a cauliflower. As many as 10 different varieties of warts exist, whereas the most common is mostly considered harmless.

Types of Warts

Many different types of warts have actually been identified, varying in their shape and the place of growth.

  • The most common type of wart is actually called the ‘Common Wart’, which is a slightly raised wart, having a rough surface. This wart is mostly located on the hands, but can develop anywhere on the body.
  • Another common type of wart is the flat wart, which is a small and smooth flattened wart.
  • Other types of warts include Filiform warts, Genital warts, mosaic warts, Plantar warts and Periungual warts.

When it comes to our health, we are all super cautious. Any small headache, cough or pain automatically makes us the think the worst. Well, just as we shouldn’t get over panicked, we should also not neglect out symptoms. With today’s world filled with horrible diseases and conditions which can sometimes even be contagious, one should always be careful and protect his own health. At the end of the day, we all have signs and symptoms here and there, but are they serious? Many signs and symptoms can indicate a smaller issue, such as an allergic reaction or the regular flu. Though, some can be indications of a serious disease. We all have to study some basic material, just so that we know what these small signs mean. Let’s get started right now with a commonly seen sign: warts!

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